There are many industries with a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. The oil and gas industry, for one, does not tolerate drug use in one way or another. Crews have to be tested on a regular basis to ensure there is a drug-free environment in oil rigs and offshore drilling platforms. This is largely due to the fact that drug users may have impaired judgment as well as slow reflexes, all of which might put other employees and costly equipment at risk. Law enforcement agencies do not also tolerate drug use. In fact, they are tasked with investigating, arresting and prosecuting drug manufacturers, distributors, and users. That is why police officers and federal law enforcement agents have to undergo drug tests during selection as well as on a regular basis to maintain a drug-free environment in the bureau or police department.

The sporting industry also has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use, particularly steroids. Professional athletes are normally required to provide blood and urine samples, which are tested for all the banned substances. Any athlete who tests positive for a banned substance can expect to be stripped of any medals they might have recently won. The athlete will also be banned from the sport and may even be charged with a drug offense.

Types of Drug Tests

When you use any type of drug, the substance will be absorbed into your bloodstream and will get into every single cell in your body. The drugs will also pass through the liver, where it may be broken down into different components before being taken to the excretory system for removal through the urine. This means that a drug test can be done on blood samples. With time, however, the traces of drugs in the blood will reduce, become negligible or even disappear, so this is not very effective in detecting any drug that might have been taken over a week ago. This is where urine drug tests come in. As drugs are broken down, they are expelled in the urine, which means that a urine sample can be tested for drugs or their constituent components. This is the most popular type of drug test.

The third type of drug test is the hair drug test. If you have hair that is longer than one inch, each of the hair follicles contain traces of drugs you have taken over a period of weeks or months, if that is how long it has taken you to grow the hair.

Passing a Drug Test

If you would like to learn how to pass a drug test even if you have recently used a controlled substance or drug, be sure to click here. While the best way to pass a drug test is to avoid using drugs, there are still ways to pass a drug test, whether it’s done on your hair, blood or urine. The following are the top three options for passing a drug test:

1. Hair Purification Shampoo

If you are expecting a drug test in a couple of days, there is little you can do to pass the test. Your best bet is to use the hair purification shampoos provided by TestClear. For instance, you may be interested in aloe rid shampoo, a product that has proven effective in washing away drug traces from hair follicles after a few washes. To get the best results, use aloe rid shampoo three or four times a day at least 3-10 days before the scheduled drug test. The shampoo will wash away all traces of toxins.

2. Detox Program

Another great option for passing a drug test is to go into a detox program designed by Test Clear. There are detox programs that can produce quick results in a single day, but there are also 2-day, 3-day and 4-day detox programs among others. During the detox program, all the drugs and toxins will be flushed out of your body to ensure you test negative for any type of drug.

3. Fake Urine

If you are about to undergo a urine test within a short period of time, you can use a urinator to dispense fake urine into the pee cup provided. There are also urine crystals that you can drop into your urine sample to clean up the toxins. That said, Test Clear has everything you may need to pass a drug test.